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Let Russia Flabbergast you!

Hello Travelers,

If your heart is headed in the direction of Russia here we are to enlighten you about the beautiful facts of this country, so let’s start.

Russia is the world’s largest and one of the most beautiful country for a spectator, this country’s area straddles to divide between Europe and Asia stretching all the way from its easternmost point, Kaliningrad, bordering Poland and Lithuania to the westerly peninsula that stands across the Bering Strait from Alaska in the United States. Although most of its land mass is in Asia, Russia is considered to be a European nation as its capital Moscow and second city Saint Petersburg lie on the continent.
Here are some fascinating facts about Russia
• Alaska used to be part of Russia until the territory was acquired by the United States in 1867 for $7.2 million in a deal known as the Alaska purchase.
• Russia’s Lake Baikal, the world’s deepest lake, contains over 20% of the world’s unfrozen fresh water supply.
• The world’s first satellite, named Sputnik, was launched by the Soviet Union in 1957.
• Russia is home to Europe’s longest river, the Volga, which is over 3,600 kilometers long!
• Russia is home to the world’s coldest inhabited place – Oymyakon – where, in February 1933 – a record temperature of -67.7 °C was recorded.

Russia is known for its harsh winters, yet Russians have found ways to have fun even at the coldest time of the year. Winter tourism is quite developed in Russia, and it is known for its variety of winter sports and ski resorts. As you travel through various Russian destinations, you will get the one-of-a-kind winter magic feel.

Lake Baikal
To fascinate you , Russia is having world’s oldest and the deepest lake with a depth of 1642 meters and is estimated to be 25million years old as it’s the largest fresh water lake of the world it withholds 20% of the unfrozen fresh water of our entire earth.
Lake Baikal stays frozen for up to 5 months of a year yet considered as one of the clearest waters of the world as in some parts you can see up to 40 meters deep.
It is a mesmerizing beauty during winters also but in month of August it reaches to a temperature of 16 degrees which allows us to take a quick dip or a swim, in the remaining months it stays a spectacle beauty with under 5 degree water temperatureIn summer, Lake Baikal is a famous destination for kayaking, boat cruises, and island hopping to discover shorelines and beaches. In winter, when the lake freezes over, visitors can cross-country ski across sections of it and visit the frozen Tazheran Steppes caves.

Since most international flights arrive or at least stop in Moscow, it’s worth planning your trip so you at least have a few hours to explore the city. Russia’s capital is a magnificent mix of greenery, stunning architecture, and lots of historical reminders of times gone by.
Visitors to Moscow usually start exploring in the centre, where the Kremlin, Red Square, and the colourful St. Basil’s Cathedral are located. The shopping mall GUM, with its glass and steel roof, is also a popular destination—even by tourists who can’t afford the luxury brands sold here—and a great place to try authentic Russian food.
Even if museums are not your thing, Moscow has some amazing options, including The State Tretyakov Gallery (which houses only Russian art); the Pushkin Museum (for more international collections); and the Kremlin Armory Museum for a look into some unique items, such as the ivory throne of Ivan the Terrible and gold-covered imperial carriages. The Bolshoi Theatre, one of the largest ballet and opera theatres in the world, is also worth a visit if you can get tickets.
Some of the best things in Moscow require some walking to be properly explored, such as the pedestrian-only shopping street StaryArbat and the boardwalk along the River Moskva.
Moscow’s Metro stations are a work of art in themselves, decorated with porcelain relief, crystal chandeliers, and unique mosaic artworks that make these places basically look like subterranean palaces.

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St. Petersburg

Although smaller than Moscow, St. Petersburg actually has so much to offer, it’s often impossible to see it all in one day. Compared to Moscow, St. Petersburg feels more European—fine art and exquisite design details mixing in with history around every corner. You can explore it on foot to admire the architecture up close and personal, or hop on a cruise to explore part of the 300 kilometres of canals that cut through the imperial city.
For a stunning overdose of white and gold colours, visit Moika Palace (most famous for being the place where Rasputin was killed) and the Neoclassical, 19th-century St. Isaac’s Cathedral, which is actually a Russian Orthodox museum.
The Hermitage Museum, perhaps St. Petersburg’s most famous tourist attraction and the second largest art and culture museum in the world, has a collection of over three million items that cover everything from prehistoric art (including articles from the nomadic tribes in Altai) to Catherine the Great’s art collection.
About 25 kilometres outside of St. Petersburg, and more than worth the day trip, is Peterhof Palace. Built in the early 1700s as a summer residence for Peter the Great, it greatly resembles the Palace of Versailles in France.

Altay Mountains

The Altay Mountains in Siberia extend from Russia into China, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia. Traditionally inhabited by different ethnic groups involved in horse husbandry and forestry, it is also a very popular tourist destination for both locals and travelers. Together with a number of natural reserves and lakes, the Altay Mountains are part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
There’s a lot of untouched beauty in Altay, where frozen rivers and snowcapped mountains attract cross-country skiers and other outdoor lovers in winter, as well as hikers (the area around Aktru Glacier is especially popular for trekking), kayakers, and climbers in summer. More unusual activities, including diving, cave exploring, and herb and mushroom picking, can also be pursued here.
The Denisova Cave in Siberia is particularly significant because of the bone fragments, artifacts, and even prehistoric horses that have been here—some dating back 50,000 years.
The resort town of Belokurikha is a popular starting point for Altay adventures, and many tourism agencies offer organized trips from here.


A summer beach resort town sitting right on the Black Sea, Sochi offers long stretches of pebble and sand beaches, imposing examples of Stalinist architecture, a summer film festival known as Kinotavr, and plenty of spas and outdoor markets to please all budgets and tastes. The longest river in Russia, Mzymta, cuts through Sochi before it empties into the Black Sea, and it’s a very popular destination for rafting.
The 3000-square-kilometer Caucasian State Nature Biosphere Reserve, just 50 kilometers from Sochi, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to a number of unique species of flora and fauna, including the endangered Persian leopard.
The nearby Rosa Khutor ski resort is another favorite destination during winter and a world-class alpine skiing area—the 2014 Winter Olympic Games were hosted here.

Peterhof might be home to a university and a major Russian watch manufacturer, but this relatively small city’s call to fame is the Peterhof Palace. Originally designed and built in the early 1700s for Tsar Peter the Great in a style that resembles the Palace of Versailles, the palace grounds cover an area of almost 4000 hectares.
There are 173 garden fountains around the palace—some, like the Grand Cascade fountains, with special features that activate water jets when people get close. The lower gardens, designed in French formal style, offer marble statues, shaded walking paths, and even an aviary pavilion.
The Grand Palace itself is a masterpiece of architecture, with majestic colors (there are gold details everywhere), art imported from Asia and the Far East, walls covered in authentic Chinese silk, and a massive ballroom covered in gilded carvings. The palace contains 10 separate museums, which hold art, furniture, and palace items from the 18th century.


One of the world’s largest lake islands, Olkhon is covered in steep mountains, lush forests, and taiga. The island is in Eastern Siberia and has a small permanent population that consists mostly of local Buryats, a Mongolic indigenous group who believes the island to be a powerful spiritual place.
Tourism has become a growing industry on Olkhon Island, with visitors coming over to explore places such as the coastal sand dunes and the abandoned Peschanaya Village and former Soviet labor camp nearby.
This area is also famous for its “walking trees,” an unusual phenomenon that causes strong winds to uncover tree roots on the beach and gives them the appearance of a standing person.
There are several semi-urban settlements on the island, with Khuzir being the largest and the one offering homestays for visitors who want to stay over. The village also houses the small but interesting National History Museum of Revyakin, which chronicles life on the island as far back as Neolithic times.


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